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Puppy Prep

Bringing home your new puppy is an exciting time. Planning ahead and having what your new puppy will need are keys to a successful beginning. While it is great fun to buy lots of toys and pet beds and cute collars for your new baby, the greatest gift that you can give is to prepare yourself with the knowledge of raising a well-balanced dog.

This private section of our website is full of helpful information for you to review at your leisure BEFORE you bring your puppy home. We recommend that you go through one section a week, each week after your puppy is born so that you can absorb the info and make notes of questions along the way. 

Pictures and Videos

When will we see pictures of our puppy?

We will be taking puppy pictures and videos as often as possible and try to post on Facebook and Instagram so feel free to follow us on these platforms. We will update our website every other week with individual photos of each puppy at 1 week, 3 weeks, and 5 weeks. As you can imagine, photographing puppies is a process and takes quite a bit of time. While little, they move around a lot! If we don’t get the pictures out on time we will do what we can to post them as soon as we are able. It is very busy around here. Caring for the puppies and momma dogs is our top priority! We will add photos to our private Flickr page, see below for access.


Flickr - Click on the link below and it will take you to the Lakeview Labradoodles Flickr restricted page where you can view all of the photos we have taken of your litter. You have access to all litter photos if you want to see them. These albums are private and most of the photos are unedited, and therefore not social media-ready. Enjoy!

Prepare for Puppy

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