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Sydney and Ranger

Sydney 3_edited.jpg

Shadow Mountain's Chocolate Sensation "Sydney" and

Shadow Mountain's Spirited Ranger

Litter born July 25, 2021




3 Weeks

Grey Boy 1_edited.jpg
White Boy 5_edited.jpg
Green Girl 1_edited.jpg
Orange Girl 1_edited_edited.jpg
Purple Girl_edited.jpg
Brown Girl 1_edited.jpg
Blue Boy 3_edited.jpg
Pink Girl_edited.jpg
Red Boy 4_edited.jpg

5 Weeks

Grey Boy 2.JPG
Yellow Boy.JPG
Green Girl 4.JPG
Orange Girl 5 weeks.JPG
Purple Girl.JPG
Brown Girl3.JPG
Blue Boy.JPG
Pink Girl 4.JPG
Red Boy 3.JPG
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